I have compiled a list of answers to commonly asked questions from prospective clients. If you have any questions please refer to these. 


Based in: Scottsdale

Age: 27

Hair: bronde (blonde-brunette)

Eyes: blue/green

Height: 5’ 5”

Bust: 32C

Build: Athletic 

Dress Size: US size 2 (depending on designer)

Shoe size: US 7.5 / Euro 38 (depending on designer)

Is screening mandatory and do you require references?


Yes. My top priorities are safety and discretion. By knowing who I am meeting with I am able to stay safe. I also assure you that I am very discreet with your information. Understandably, if you have screened with a site like p411 then feel free to include that in addition to my screening but not as a replacement. References can also be added in addition but are not required. 


Do all new clients have to meet over drinks or dinner? 


Yes. Not only does this ensure compatibility but also this is a safety measure for myself as well as my clients. Some clients do extend time at the end of the first appointment if time allows. 

What is the best way to reach you?


New clients please contact me through the booking form or via email. Established clients, please text or email. 


Sometimes I can respond quickly, however, typically it can take 24-48 hours to hear back. I ask for your patience and persistence and will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Can you send additional pictures? Or clear face pictures?


My photos are all representative of my current appearance. Unfortunately, I cannot send additional photos.  However, I do post new photos on my Instagram so please feel free to follow me. 


Many upscale providers blur photos to assure safety and discretion. Rest assured, I have been verified on many websites. I have also been told on numerous occasions my face is my best asset and more beautiful than imagined.

Do you offer incall and outcall?


Yes, I offer outcall to upscale bars and restaurants for new clients. For established clients, I offer outcall to upscale locations including 4 and 5 star resorts and upscale residences. I also offer incall to established clients.  

Do you see couples? 


Yes I do! All new couple clients let’s break the ice over some drinks. Existing couple clients contact for rates.  

Do you have another companion who can join us?

Absolutely!  I have a couple of beautiful companion friends who’d love to accompany us.  

Do you travel? What about with clients? 


Yes, I am quite the jet-setter and love travel. I am available for FMTY trips and can travel with certain established clients. Established clients please inquire for more information.

Also I do tour. As of right now I have no tour plans. Check back for updates through Twitter or here.


Are your rates negotiable?


My rates are non-negotiable. Any attempt to negotiate will ensure contact is permanently ceased.


My rates allow me to be as selective and discerning as you are.   If my rates are not acceptable, I encourage you to search for another provider. 


What is the best method of payment? 


Cash is always king! Some established clients can make arrangements prior to our date for virtual payment like cash app. 


Prior to my arrival, please leave donation in an envelope on a countertop in plain view or in the restroom. If we are in public, a bit of ingenuity is great.  Typically presenting me with a card in an envelope or a gift bag with the donation inside is perfectly discreet. 


Do you accept tips or gifts?


As an independent provider, tipping is not a requirement but always greatly appreciated. If you'd like to bring a gift take a look at my wishlist or reach out and ask if there is something I am hoping for. 

Is a deposit required to book your time? 


Yes. My deposit is both a percentage of my time and full Uber black round trip to the location.  I require a 20% deposit at the time of booking. Overnight bookings require a 40% deposit. Deposits can be sent through cash app or bitcoin.


Is there a cancellation policy?


Yes understandably situations may arise where you need to cancel. I kindly ask that  if you are canceling within 48 hours of our booking that you provide 50% minimum of the booking rate. Your initial deposit counts towards the 50%. If cancelled within 24 hours, you must provide 100% of the booking rate.  

May we spend time together "off the clock"?


While I am extremely flattered, I am only engaging in dates where my time is compensated.




I am a professional escort. I am paid for my time and companionship only. If anything happens within our contracted time during our session, it is a matter of mutual choice between two adults. Any fantasy, scenarios, etc that are viewable on this website are purely that; the material on this site does not constitute any form or contract obligation. I do not participate in any unlawful or illegal acts. I will not enter into any arrangement with those whom I believe are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or for any other reason at my sole discretion. 

Do you offer references for other providers?


Yes I provide references for clients that are in good standing. Please let me know that you are going to use me as a reference. Please do not include my private phone number for the provider to reach out, instead have her email me. 


I also ask that you don’t discuss my private life with other providers. Everything that I share with you should be kept between the two of us.